Meet The Orphans We house the following Orphans.

Daboda Jammal

A rough child of the age of 15. Daboda Jammal loves to fight, he is very good at winning fights to help win the orphanage some money. Donate to help Daboda Jammal win!

Buyisile AkanAna

One of Ghana's finest computer technicians, this young lad at the age of 8 set up our computer to provide this website.

Jola Hiari

This guy is all business. His parents were military fighters who died by getting their legs cut off. Now he is running out daycare program.

Madam Samedi

She may look like a young child, but Madam Samedi is one of the Supreme Orphans, she has been around for many years. She has a shrunken head because she is a voodoo practicer.

Oookna Loknegi

Although he may look small, this guy can tunnel underground and attack his foes like a diglett. He has no mercy.

Hagnin Jammal

She is the sister of Daboda Jammal, but she has very different parents. She is able to use her powers of telekinetic energy to bring power to our Orphanage.